Lucet Verax - The Spear of Sextus Varius

Lucet Verax – The Spear of Sextus Varius


​​​​​​​This all metal spear was wielded by the Delian Knight Sextus Varius during the Great Chaos Incursion of CY57. In his capable hands it slew hundreds of demons and fell chaos creatures. While in the midst of battle the spear would glow with a radiant golden light. The spear was enchanted by the high elves of Ulthan several centuries ago. It has perfect balance and is made of an unknown metal. Late in the summer in CY517, the spear was recovered by Vaylin Gildorran, a half-elven paladin, from the tomb of Sextus Varius. The spear was gifted to Vaylin by the spirit of the fallen knight. In the Old Tounge, Lucet Verax, translates to "Shining Might".

  • +1 Spear
  • The user has advantage when making attack rolls with the spear against "Fiends".
  • The spear glows with a radiant golden light (30' bright, 60' dim) when within 100' feet of a fiend. This light can not be dampened with darkness.
  • Improved Critical - this weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20.
  • Requires attunement.

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Lucet Verax - The Spear of Sextus Varius

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