Vaylin Gildorran

Half-Elf Paladin (Oath of Delios) 10 (Vince)


Half-Elf Paladin 10

Experience: 23.60

Height: 5’10" Weight: 175 lbs Age: 150
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Skin: Fair




Significant Accomplishments

  • Rescued the blacksmith’s ten year old daughter, Tess Gooding, from the Blood Snake goblin Tribe.
  • Lost an eye to a goblin raider of the Yellow Plague Clan ( Eye restored magically).
  • Vaylin has faced an undead foe in battle.
  • Liberated the village of Tor from the nefarious influence of the Cult of the Reptile God lead by the diabolical Spirit Naga – Explica Defilus.
  • Destroyed the Naga – Explica Defilus. Assisted in making sure the spirit naga was destroyed for eternity.
  • Eradicated the humanoids from from Vraath Keep, and drove off Wyrmlord Koth, liberating the keep.
  • Slayed the green dragon Ozyrrandion at Skull Gorge. Successfully destroyed the bridge at Skull Gorge, delaying the approach of the Horde of the Red Hand to the central Elsir Vale.
  • Dove off the Skull Gorge bridge, 150 feet, into the river below to rescue his comrade, Einar Reykr who had been knocked unconscious and plunged into the river below.
  • Recovered the wagon of wealth meant for the Gleaming Axe Dwarf Mercenary company to pay for the Dwarves to assist the city of Brindol against the assault by the Red Hand of Doom.

Personality Trait
I begin and end my day with a ritual unique to my people.

I am suspicious of nearly everyone.

My belief provides me comfort.

I pretend to not speak the language to avoid small talk.

Born on Noldor Isle to a mother that had been rescued from a slaver clan Vaylin grew up in the shadow of Galadahom, capital of Noldor Isle. Given his bastard status, and lack of name or inheritance, Vaylin joined The Order of The Asur, worshippers of the patron god Bahamut. Completing the rigorous selection and training of the order, Vaylin has recently been dispatched on his solo errant quest to investigate disturbing reports of activity on the shores of man’s world in a seaport town named Crown Point. He is tasked with gathering information for the order in the chance action needs to be taken on a larger scale to prevent any threats to Noldor Isle.

Vaylin Gildorran

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