Norn Baagh

Human Druid 6 (Circle of the Moon) (Steve B.)


Human Druid (Circle of the Moon) 6

Experience: 10.45
Diety: Pelor

Height: 6’ Weight: 140 lbs Age: 23
Hair: Brown Eyes: Grey Skin: Olive



  • Significant Equipment
  • Hide
    Short Bow
    Medicine Kit
    3 vials of poison
    fishing net
    clay pot
    2 days rations
    20 arrows


Significant Accomplishments

  • Rescued the Sukien family and saved their homestead from three goblin tribes.
  • Assisted in slaying the Black Dragon, Nightscale in the depths on of Khundrukar, on the
    Black Lake.
  • Norn has faced and vanquished an undead foe in battle.
  • Was lured into the trap and transported to Ravenloft by Count Strand von Zaravich.

Personality Trait
Shy, Driven, Determined to follow his destiny

He must find Pelor’s plan for his life.

To honor the twin duties of nature and his order.

Town between nature and his calling as a healer.


Norn was raised by a tribe of fur trapers and traders that lived a nomatic life at the edge of society. When he was 14 he was mauled by a tiger and gravely injured. His family took him to a monistary of Pelor devoted to healing to try to save him. Norn lived with the monks and was healed by thier attentions. On his 18th birhday he was prepared to take vows and join their order when a orc war party lead a surprise attack on the monistary. Norn was hiding with the other intiates in the root cealer when the orcs discovered them. Norn transformed into a tiger and blacked out. When he recovered all the orcs and the other initiates had all be savagely ripped apart.

Norn fled into the forest a hid out for several months, when it was clear none of the other monks survived the attack he made his way back to his village. He found his family tents. torn apart and evidence they had also been also attacked by orcs. He again retreated into the woods and was found by his great uncle Lomri. After sharing his tale with Lomri, Lomri transformed into a fox and led him to a sacred grove. There he revealed that the blood of the fey still flowed in his family line and taught him they ways of a druid. Norn trained with Lomri for 4 years before Lomri died. Norn then tried to continue his training on his own, talking with the animals and absorbing the spirit of the forest.

After many months he became very ill and was struck with a vision from Pelor that he had abandon his calling. Norn, why have you forsaken me? You must travel to crown point and serve me and others with the training you have been entrusted.

Norn Baagh

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