Korm Blackbrew

Dwarf Barbarian (Troll Slayer) 8 (Jim S.)


Dwarf Barbarian (Troll Slayer) 8

Experience: 18.55

Height: 4’08" Weight: 182 lbs Age: 75
Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Skin: Earthen colored

Korm is a well muscled Dwarf
wears no armor save his Black steel greaves / vambraces .

Hair is mid length worn pulled back behind his head.
Beard is down to his chest when braided in two braids.

Korm’s primary weapon is Obsidian Death – Battle Axe of Malador Dox and Shield. He uses handaxes as thrown weapons and a Spear for standing against charges.




Significant Accomplishments

  • Korm has faced an undead foe in battle.
  • Rescued the blacksmith’s ten year old daughter, Tess Gooding, from the Blood Snake goblin Tribe.
  • Korm has a horrible scar on the left side of his face from a wound at the hand of a hobgoblin captain. Korm has a horrible scar on his left thigh cause by a hobgoblin arrow.
  • Slew the goblin hero Malador Dox in the halls of an ancient Delian temple.
  • Liberated the village of Tor from the nefarious influence of the Cult of the Reptile God lead by the diabolical Spirit Naga – Explica Defilus.
  • Destroyed the Naga – Explica Defilus. Assisted in making sure the spirit naga was destroyed for eternity.
  • Eradicated the humanoids from from Vraath Keep, and drove off Wyrmspeaker Koth, liberating the keep.
  • Korm has a horrible scar on his left arm. Most of his left arm was badly burned by a devastating fireball cast by the Sorcerer Lord Koth in a battle in the ruins of Vraath Keep.
  • Assisted in slaying the green dragon Ozyrrandion at Skull Gorge. Successfully destroyed the bridge at Skull Gorge, delaying the approach of the Horde of the Red Hand to the central Elsir Vale.
  • Slain by an errant fireball cast by Einar Reykr during the Red Hand assassination attempt by Krytock, Master of Serpents and his deadly Serpent Adepts. Resurrected by the Staff of Light wielded by Vaylin Gildorran
  • Recovered the wagon of wealth meant for the Gleaming Axe Dwarf Mercenary company to pay for the Dwarves to assist the city of Brindol against the assault by the Red Hand of Doom.

Personality Trait
Have my own ideas about what is food. Eating habits of those around me are fascinating, confusing or revolting.

Inquisitive-Everything here is new to me. I want to learn

I have no greater purpose than my dedication to the “Slayer Cult”

Beer or any other brewed Alcohol. I like to drink….alot!


A dozen Stout Dwarven warriors gathered in the cavernous Hold at Karak-Gronk. Before them stood and aged and grizzled Dwarven King. The King, Unmar Trollaxe, ruled the council of 12. His Kingdom on the far eastern reaches was beset by numerous humanoid races, always trying to uproot the Dwarves of Karak-Gronk. The King had 12 hard Dwarven Nobles called simply “The Danes”. Each Dane provided a stout Dwarven warrior every year for the “Slayer Ritual”.

Assembled before their King were the 12 Danes selections. Stripped of armor, save greave, vambrace and shield, each was armed with weapons of their choosing. Hair, beard and kit wrapped tight to their bodies, they formed around the King. Unmar Trollaxe’s voice bellowed and echoed throughout the great hall as he addressed the “Dirty Dozen”. “You are Chosen!” “Your names will be unknown to all save one!” “This Sacrifice has been sought by you!”

Here is your Oath
“Death and Destruction.”
“Bringers of Doom to enemies of Dwarvenkind!”
“We seek to battle to find Trial by Combat.”
“Our Death has purpose.”
“Our Crusade Begins.”

The 12 were each given a compass direction and the instruction to find and kill “The Enemy” Unmar Trollaxe unceremoniously walked through the Dwarves gathered around him and grasped them by the shoulders, each in turn. When he was done he left the great hall. The 12 left the hold. Korm Blackbrew Howled at the wind as it bit through his cloak. He imagined the battles he would fight. He dug his heels into his War Boars flanks and trotted West.

Korm Blackbrew

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