Human Rogue 5 Scout (Keven L.)


Human Rogue 5

Experience: 8.05

Height: 5’10" Weight: 165 lbs Age: 19
Hair: Brown Eyes: Hazel Skin: Fair



  • Significant Equipment

Significant Accomplishments

  • Gelan has faced and vanquished an undead foe in battle.
  • Rescued the Crown Point merchants Geradil Greyston and Courana Tarnova from the orcs who had imprisoned them in the orc infested dwarf fortress of Khundrukar.
  • Assisted in slaying the Black Dragon, Nightscale in the depths on of Khundrukar, on the Black Lake.
  • Was lured into the trap and transported to Ravenloft by Count Strand von Zaravich.

Personality Trait
I like to squeeze into small places where no one else can get to me.

Retribution. The rich need to be shown what life and death are like in the gutters.

I owe a debt I can never repay to the person who took pity on me.

It’s not stealing if I need it more than someone else.


Born to an unwed mother/inn worker, father probably a soldier but uncertain (ok – my mom was a little loose). Mother died at a young age from plague, leaving Gelan as an orphan. Initially worked around the inn, helping in the stables – but was informally “adopted” by a town guard/militia unit and cleaned the barracks, ran errands, etc. for them until age 14 or so. Started accompanying some of the Crown Point scouts when they would go “into the field” – mostly just carrying supplies, but picked up some basic scout/soldier skills through observation and started apprenticing to one of the lead scouts by age 16. Gelan has sharp eyes, is good with his hands, and looks so average that he is usually able to escape the attention of others.

Gelan ended up surviving an ambush (by goblins/orcs) while in the field primarily through dumb luck – while most of the scouting party were caught in a pit trap or shot down by bow at the outset of the ambush, Gelan was knocked backwards off a low ridge by an arrow that struck his belt buckle. Though lightly wounded by the arrow and stunned by sliding and falling down the ridge – Gelan was hidden from view by a rocky outcrop at the bottom of a ravine. He was thus able to escape immediate attention from the ambushers and had time to scramble into some thick cover. Everyone else in the scouting party was captured (and sold into slavery) or slain.

His morals are pretty loose, as befitting one who “grew up” in am adventures inn and then a militia barracks. Gelan is not evil – but he is definitely not lawful (at least when no one is looking). He does not have a lot of self confidence – and will be likely to select a senior leader/strong personality to follow and befriend in any adventuring party.


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